Any Time Now

Data’s kennel card from the Humane Society cautioned that he really liked to dig in litter boxes. He has lived above and beyond that expectation and our sound bar is no match!

Have you seen any of my posts lately announcing my Patreon? It’s weird to bring it up every time that I post, but I know with social media algorithms it can be difficult to reach my audience. So here is your frequent reminder that I do have a Patreon now, I post on it regularly, and you can join for $1 a month 🙂

Thanks Not Necessary

Obligatory “He did hand me the remote once he was done being a goof” comment hehheh

Lots of stuff is cooking over on my Patreon! It only costs $1 per month to get access to my comics a day early, plus see all of the projects that I’m working on. There are Outfit of the Day illustrations, poems/rhymes with drawings to go with, and the beginning stages of a larger story arc I’m working on about my three months abroad in 2010. If you join at the $5 tier you also get access to bonus comics! Woo! These are more personal and may contain NSFW content. Thanks for reading this whole blurb.

Tender & Memorable

Six and a half years in and he still can’t handle my compliments. Gotta keep trying!

Things are pretty good over on my Patreon – I’ve been posting outfit of the day illustrations as well as started sharing work on two separate projects; my time in Ireland, and my childhood fears. You can see all of it for just $1 😀

With Sea Salt

Chocolate at the dump isn’t particularly appetizing and I don’t recommend it. I just can’t resist the siren song of Ghirardelli’s Dark Chocolate Caramel with Sea Salt squares, lord help meeee

Don’t forget that my Patreon is live and kicking! Just one dollar lets you see my comics a day early, plus you get time lapse videos of my work and insight into my other on-going projects. The five dollar tier gets you at least one bonus comic a month, unpublished anywhere else and categorized as more personal and potentially NSFW 😮

Only Myself to Blame

Sometimes I’m too much of a tired grumpy sourpuss and his amazing charisma and comedic timing is wasted. Poor guy.

My Patreon has three reward tiers available to choose from: $1, $5, and $15. All three of them get you early access to my comics plus lots of art that I post there before anywhere else! $5 gets you access to my bonus semi-to-full-NSFW comics (currently aiming to post one of those a month), and $15 gets you a portrait sketch 😀 If you like my work, or think someone else would, please consider sharing my art with others! It is greatly appreciated.

The Listener

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is pretty robust, and by the time I was done explaining it to him I felt wide awake again. P.S. we love our AirPods so much.

My Patreon is quickly filling up with all of the projects that I’ve kept rolling around in my mind. It’s becoming a pleasant source of inspiration for me and the motivation I feel is exciting. You can join my Patreon at a $1 tier to see all of these ideas, plus you’ll get access to my comics a day early! Your support would mean the world to me, and I thank you just for being here and reading this.

Commissions are open!

I am excited to announce that commissions are officially open! I am offering 4 slots at a time and they are first come first served. It’s $25 for a digital pencil sketch and $45 for a digital color illustration. These are for 1-2 people, waist (or bust) up, and additional people, babies, pets, etc. are negotiable (with the potential for a fee increase depending on what you’re wanting).

You’ll receive two high resolution digital files: one with the names and signature, and one without. These are suitable for posting online and printing out if you’d like. Please message me if you’d like to commission a portrait! You’ll provide me with one or two reference photos and I’ll provide an ETA for your finished product. Thank you so much for your time!