Private Tour

For a long time now I’ve wanted to see bioluminescence in person. I assumed it would take years and years until I could travel someplace exotic and warm to be able to witness them, but this summer I learned that they can be found in the waters of the Puget Sound (which is the closest body of water to where I live). I tried to arrange my own viewing party by approaching the water’s edge at night and stomping about in the shore, but didn’t have any luck.

Cut to my mom’s boyfriend learning that I wanted to see this natural phenomenon, and he immediately offered to take me out on his boat at night to try and find them in the open water. I excitedly accepted, and just a few nights later we were cruising around in the dark, peering into the depths, squinting against the splash of the propeller, hoping that we’d see something. As time passed that evening I was feeling pretty certain that we wouldn’t find any bioluminescence, but I was still enjoying the dark, quiet moments on the water, admiring the starry view above during breaks from scanning below.

Suddenly, the water was scattered with firefly-like glowing specks. Just a few, maybe three to five tossing about in the wake of the boat. It. was. AWESOME. And really exciting! I don’t know how long we were out, exactly, but I could have stayed for a very long time. We drove in circles, agitated the water with a stick, and gleefully pointed out clumps of brightly glowing bioluminescence as it floated by. We didn’t find any big enough patches to cause the water to truly light up, but the fact that we found any is amazing. And they were so bright! It was incredible.

This is a Thank You gift for him for the private nighttime tour, to memorialize the event and remember how freakin’ cool it was 🙂

My Body is Ready

MY FAVORITE SEASON APPROACHES but I am not thrilled about all of the leaves that’ll need to be raked in our front yard.

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And Repeat

I love having a day off in the house to myself because I can get so much done. Except sometimes this happens and then nothing gets accomplished -_-

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PAX West 2019 – sketch log

I went to PAX West for one day only this year and made terrible, rapid sketches to document the great time I had. I’m really nervous about posting these because then everyone will see how bad my stuff is without the Undo features of digital art 😐 and then I remind myself that I will never improve at fast sketching unless I JUST DO IT. So here’s me. Just doing it.

P.S. meeting Kari Fry was an amazing highlight and I’m so happy about all the chickens she drew for me!!

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New in Twitch Town

I decided against introducing myself, and only aimed questions at the streamers. Someone please help, what is good Twitch etiquette?!!

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