New in Twitch Town

I decided against introducing myself, and only aimed questions at the streamers. Someone please help, what is good Twitch etiquette?!!

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Travel Anxieties

Recently we drove out to a family reunion and had some timing issues. We worked through the anxious moments together though and made it safely and had a lovely time.

Sometimes we just have to ramble out the stress, and what we need is for someone to listen. We’re happy to be here for each other ❤

My very first bonus comic is now posted to my Patreon! It is accessible to those who join at a $5 or higher tier. Check out the material I’ve deemed too inappropriate to post for free – my threshold is pretty low so the comics probably aren’t all that risque >.> But more than that, you’d be supporting a small artist! Plus you gain access to my comics a day early 🙂

Do you?

Sometimes his enthusiasm is just a bit too much!!

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Any Time Now

Data’s kennel card from the Humane Society cautioned that he really liked to dig in litter boxes. He has lived above and beyond that expectation and our sound bar is no match!

Have you seen any of my posts lately announcing my Patreon? It’s weird to bring it up every time that I post, but I know with social media algorithms it can be difficult to reach my audience. So here is your frequent reminder that I do have a Patreon now, I post on it regularly, and you can join for $1 a month 🙂

Thanks Not Necessary

Obligatory “He did hand me the remote once he was done being a goof” comment hehheh

Lots of stuff is cooking over on my Patreon! It only costs $1 per month to get access to my comics a day early, plus see all of the projects that I’m working on. There are Outfit of the Day illustrations, poems/rhymes with drawings to go with, and the beginning stages of a larger story arc I’m working on about my three months abroad in 2010. If you join at the $5 tier you also get access to bonus comics! Woo! These are more personal and may contain NSFW content. Thanks for reading this whole blurb.