Private Tour

For a long time now I’ve wanted to see bioluminescence in person. I assumed it would take years and years until I could travel someplace exotic and warm to be able to witness them, but this summer I learned that they can be found in the waters of the Puget Sound (which is the closest body of water to where I live). I tried to arrange my own viewing party by approaching the water’s edge at night and stomping about in the shore, but didn’t have any luck.

Cut to my mom’s boyfriend learning that I wanted to see this natural phenomenon, and he immediately offered to take me out on his boat at night to try and find them in the open water. I excitedly accepted, and just a few nights later we were cruising around in the dark, peering into the depths, squinting against the splash of the propeller, hoping that we’d see something. As time passed that evening I was feeling pretty certain that we wouldn’t find any bioluminescence, but I was still enjoying the dark, quiet moments on the water, admiring the starry view above during breaks from scanning below.

Suddenly, the water was scattered with firefly-like glowing specks. Just a few, maybe three to five tossing about in the wake of the boat. It. was. AWESOME. And really exciting! I don’t know how long we were out, exactly, but I could have stayed for a very long time. We drove in circles, agitated the water with a stick, and gleefully pointed out clumps of brightly glowing bioluminescence as it floated by. We didn’t find any big enough patches to cause the water to truly light up, but the fact that we found any is amazing. And they were so bright! It was incredible.

This is a Thank You gift for him for the private nighttime tour, to memorialize the event and remember how freakin’ cool it was 🙂

Commissions are open!

I am excited to announce that commissions are officially open! I am offering 4 slots at a time and they are first come first served. It’s $25 for a digital pencil sketch and $45 for a digital color illustration. These are for 1-2 people, waist (or bust) up, and additional people, babies, pets, etc. are negotiable (with the potential for a fee increase depending on what you’re wanting).

You’ll receive two high resolution digital files: one with the names and signature, and one without. These are suitable for posting online and printing out if you’d like. Please message me if you’d like to commission a portrait! You’ll provide me with one or two reference photos and I’ll provide an ETA for your finished product. Thank you so much for your time!

Morgan – YouTube Illustration

My main man started up a YouTube channel (brokeyourships) recently to showcase these interesting videos that he’s been wanting to make. I call them Emotionscapes, and the one he’s done so far is really just… I don’t know how to describe it, you’ll have to watch it! I made the above illustration for him to use as his user icon 🙂

It was a lot of fun to create a portrait that incorporated his favorite things! Now watch his video, because it’s really fantastic!