The Listener

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is pretty robust, and by the time I was done explaining it to him I felt wide awake again. P.S. we love our AirPods so much.

My Patreon is quickly filling up with all of the projects that I’ve kept rolling around in my mind. It’s becoming a pleasant source of inspiration for me and the motivation I feel is exciting. You can join my Patreon at a $1 tier to see all of these ideas, plus you’ll get access to my comics a day early! Your support would mean the world to me, and I thank you just for being here and reading this.

A Reasonable Guess

The song is by Dire Straits, for anyone else like me who is/was unfamiliar with it. I maintain that I made a good guess!

It has been challenging to make one post a day for 30 days in order to promote my new Patreon. I’ve missed days and not posted until nearly midnight on others – it’s tough! At least I’ve continued to keep up on my twice a week comics 😀

Bedtime Visitor

I can always hear his approach because he stomps across the floor like a dang rhino, and this comes only after he’s busted the bedroom door wide open with his face. Yet he still sits and stares as if wondering if it’s OK to cuddle. Baby boy it’s always OK to cuddle!!

Here’s a Patreon link for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet 🙂 I’m offering three contribution tiers with a variety of “rewards” – I hope you’ll check it out!

À tes souhaits

These re-releases are saving my ass big time – I haven’t been home before 9pm all week! (It’s French for “bless you,” by the way.)

Don’t forget that I now have a Patreon! For only one little dollar a month you can gain early access to my Tuesday/Friday comics, plus you’ll see my secret projects and ideas far, far before I discuss them on the regular public internet 😀

Taking Full Advantage – rerelease

It’s coming up on two years since I originally did this comic in my sketchbook with colored pencils. I believe it’s the second one I I did after the backpack fiasco! Not much has changed, I am still an ugly sleeper.

I think I’ll at long last throw all continuity pretenses out the window and just accept that every single drawing I make will be different from the prior one. What do we look like in comic form? Who knows! We look however I want us to on that given day.