The Listener

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is pretty robust, and by the time I was done explaining it to him I felt wide awake again. P.S. we love our AirPods so much.

My Patreon is quickly filling up with all of the projects that I’ve kept rolling around in my mind. It’s becoming a pleasant source of inspiration for me and the motivation I feel is exciting. You can join my Patreon at a $1 tier to see all of these ideas, plus you’ll get access to my comics a day early! Your support would mean the world to me, and I thank you just for being here and reading this.

Don’t mind me.


I’ve known Jacki and Blake for a long time. 17 and 21 years, respectively. I’ve made a habit of photographing them since they got together in 2004, and I am known affectionately as their creep friend πŸ“ΈπŸŒ Always lurking, always watching, always documenting. Most recently I documented the birth of their first child, and shortly after that we had the pleasure of visiting my childhood home – a place where we spent many happy times together. I love these people πŸ’š

Okay, bye πŸ“Έ