Bedtime Visitor

I can always hear his approach because he stomps across the floor like a dang rhino, and this comes only after he’s busted the bedroom door wide open with his face. Yet he still sits and stares as if wondering if it’s OK to cuddle. Baby boy it’s always OK to cuddle!!

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Allergies – rerelease

Trying a new style with this rerelease comic. This is the second one I ever made – with good ol’ pen and paper – and I’m really happy with the updated version. Perhaps someday I’ll nail a consistent way of drawing but for now at least I think I’m learning a lot. Also I just noticed that I forgot to do the shading for one of the floating heads in the third panel. OH WELL. Oh and yeah, my throat gets super itchy scratchy even with my allergy medicine and it’s the epitome of sexy :V