Is it going to explode?

Turns out a bill can get stuck in a vending machine! This happened just recently while on vacation with friends.

Some context: I tried to insert a second $1 bill, not realizing that the machine had rejected the first $1 bill. Bill number two collided with bill number one, causing bill number one to fold down into a crease in the plastic casing. Bill number one proceeded to be spit in and out, repeatedly, unable to fully eject. It took about a minute for me to finally dislodge the dollar, and I was laughing uproariously the entire time 😂

Maybe additional context isn’t needed but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to properly illustrate this, so instead of having confidence in people’s ability to understand I’m going to panic and over explain this (which is the death of comedy, wheeeeee)

Okay, bye 😶

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