Style Practice

No comic today BUT that’s because I’ve spent the bulk of this week starting to learn a new art style! I would love to create illustrations that have more whimsy. Soft and magical colorscapes in which I can explore freely, and get away from the thick black outlines! It’s the only thing I know and it’s time to change that 😊

The artists I follow have been on a roll with the #drawthisinyourstyle project that’s going around! It has been a treat for me 🍭🎨 It got me considering the fact that I’m still working on my style, and I would like to be able to do more than one. I decided to do some style practice by copying (to the best of my ability) some pieces from favorite Instagram artists. It was incredibly helpful and a super fun way to learn!

I think I made a new profile picture for my art accounts 🙂

Please check out the Instagram accounts of carmensaldana_illustration, saoirselouscribbles, and taryndraws if you haven’t already (they all have a lot of followers so maybe you have, yeah? No? It’s possible.)! They make wonderful works of art.

Okay, bye 😊

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