Hourly Comic Day 2018

I decided to participate in #hourlycomicday2018 this year! I’ve never done it before, and technically I didn’t do it right because you’re supposed to draw one per hour (I drew these after the fact). Oh well! 🍓

10-11 laid in bed
11-12 had a shockingly delicious grilled chicken Caesar salad at The Habit
12-1 went to the mall for my niece’s birthday party
1-2 bought a new sweater at H&M
2-3 mom showed me a cool necklace that she bought
3-4 met mom’s new cat Bella
4-5 took a nap
5-6 Morgan and I watched Seinfeld
6-7 made some English muffins
7-8 decided to make this comic!

“Here comes Santa Claus.” – Gene Autry

Okay, bye!

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